Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heard On The Radio (my wearable tech follow-up)

As I was driving yesterday, I decided to listen to KCBS 740am, as traffic and weather have been road factors lately.  The KCBS Technology Analyst gave a report about wearable technology, notably the Apple Watch.  He claimed that the last quarter saw nearly a 50% decline in sales as compared to this time last year.   (Last year:  500 million units sold; this year: 270 million.)

I found this report interesting, but quite frankly, not the least bit surprising.  The analyst, as well as the broadcaster both stated that they own an Apple Watch as well as the Samsung Gear model.  Both also went on to state things I have felt from the beginning of this wearable technology craze:

  • The Apple Watch is pretty cool; it is fun to choose and create your own watch face
  • The battery doesn't last long enough.  Having a second device to charge is a pain
  • The price point is far too high; consumers can buy a traditional wrist watch and it will last them longer
  • They often forget to wear the watch
  • They look at their phone when they need to know what time it is
I really liked my Fitbit Flex.  It helped me eat more consciously and made me more aware to stay active - shooting for that daily goal.  But when is enough enough?  Maybe I am just getting old and maybe my eyes are just getting tired.  I love technology and the possibilities it creates - especially for the teaching and learning process.  However there are times when I simply need to disconnect - pick up a magazine, watch a tv show, or just veg out.

What is the future of wearable technology?  Time will tell.  I do know that it won't be attached to me.  I'll use my golf app / distance finder, but that's all for now.

OK... I know this is a weak post, but I haven't posted in a long time.  I didn't want to post about the current Presidential election - 12 days to go - and I can't wait until it's OVER.

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