Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A "Departure" from Social Media

As 2017 rolled in with all of its uncertainties, I pledged to back-off of my social media accounts.  Don't get me wrong - I think Twitter is one of the best tools available for professional development and networking; I love keeping in touch with friends (past and present) on Facebook and seeing how their lives are progressing.  Instagram, too.  However, I reached a point that it was just too much - especially Facebook.  Why, when I go to dinner with my wife and kids, or go to an event, it became more important for me to post what I was doing rather than just engage in the moment and enjoy the people I was spending my time with?

So, one month later.... here is how I am doing.   Yes, I LOOK at Facebook.  I have not posted ONE thing in 2017; I have responded to some folks and "Liked" or showed emotion to posts, but my life and times is not all over FB.  When I look at "So and so is with "X" at Starbucks" I think to myself, why do I need to know that?  If I was a thief, I'd find out where that person lives and rob the house when they aren't home!  But seriously, why have we become a society where every action we take has to be broadcast?

I feel so much better not posting. I feel engaged when I am with other people.  Two weeks ago, I had dinner at my parents house with two of my daughters.  We left our phones in the car.  We had a great dinner - fantastic conversation, and then played cards for two hours after.  No phones, no social media.  Quality family time.  Felt great NOT to be attached for a change.

I am a Director of Technology.  I know these social media tools have a purpose - but there's a time and place for them.  I cannot allow them to rule my life.  I need to be present in the moment, because time flies by.  (Not to mention a high percentage of posts are political these days and I'm about to reach my breaking point!)

So, think before you post.  Be in the moment with the ones you love. Enjoy the time we are here and don't have your face buried in your device..... As with alcohol, eating, and other things, use social media in moderation when appropriate.  #lifeisshort

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