Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - What's the Next Big Thing?

A new year has arrived yet again - as they always do.  The gym was pretty full this morning, as it usually is during January.  As I attempted to put in my 30 minutes on the elliptical after lifting some mild weights, I thought to myself, "What's the next big thing that's going to come out this year?"

I wonder this for many reasons, but mostly due to a piece I heard on the radio a week or so ago regarding Twitter losing its value.  The reporter claimed that one of Twitter's challenges is that with its new releases / updates, it needs to add features that its competitors don't have yet.  At first I thought to myself, "whatever, I love Twitter the way it is." But then I was logged into Facebook and noticed how they've continue to enhance things.  For example, when I log in now from my iPhone, my camera roll appears so I can post items with newer pictures quicker than before and eliminates the need to browse to my camera roll.  Also, when I add multiple pictures, I can create a collage.  Pretty cool stuff.  Not earth-shattering, but enhancements that the others do not have.

Pondering this, I thought about the evolution of iTunes.  And what an evolution it has been.  iTunes and the iPod has effectively changed the way we consume music.  I remember being a kid and buying an entire cassette or CD for ONE song!  Not really a challenge for today's generation, huh?  iTunes releases some sort of update nearly every six weeks.  That just boggles my mind.

So 2016 is here.  What will the next big thing be? What will that next Apple Watch look like and how will it perform?  What will the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 7, and other new technologies have that we don't have now but decide (once seeing the new stuff) that we can't live without them?  Time will tell.  We are living in an exciting time - almost impossible to keep up with it all.  More importantly, what technologies will evolve that improve our education?

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