Saturday, February 13, 2016

Find My iPhone...

I know we all have our own preferences and opinions about products - welcome to the free market of capitalism and democracy.  There are many anti-Apple folks out there, and I respect their reasons, although I probably disagree.  I'll be honest, I tried the Android route before.  But I am spoiled.  Apple products may cost a bit more, but the seamless synching, consistency, and ease of use is unparalleled.

Last year, my secretary accidentally (of course this was by accident) dropped her phone into the garbage bin next to her desk.  She left work, realized she didn't have her phone, and so the story goes.  The next day, after turning her car inside out, etc and dealing with Verizon, a friend of hers suggested to use "Find my iPhone."  Guess what?  It ended up being in a dumpster at work - our custodian emptied the trash in our building, didn't notice the phone in there, and the garbage ended up where it was supposed to.  We were able to recover her iPhone.  I seriously was in awe.

Yesterday, I had to use this feature for the first time... I left the gym, started driving home, and went to make a call in my car, when I realized my car told me, "No Phone Connected."  Panic.  Stress.  Pulled over - went through my gym bag, my pockets, next level of stress kicks in.  I went back to the gym and looked in the locker room.  Nothing.  Front desk - nothing turned in.  I drove home, ready to cancel my phone and my Visa debit card (yep, in the case of my phone, along with my driver's license), when my stepson says, "Track it with 'Find my iPhone.'"  I guess stress got the better part of me because I didn't even think of this.  So we locate the phone and it appears to be in the gym parking lot!  I take my stepson's phone with me and go on my hunt.  He claimed it was moving, turned off - then back on, etc.  On my hands and knees in the parking lot, going through bushes.  Finally he says, "I'll send the alert to the phone so you can hear it."  Long story short, I walked back into the gym and the girl at the front desk had my phone.  I left it on the elliptical I had been using.  Feeling stupid, I played dumb, thanked them, and was on my way.  Debit card and driver's license in tact.  Dodged a bullet.  Never leaving Apple.  Never....

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