Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Future of Shopping?

I will be candid:  I hate shopping.  I dislike going to a mall, going from store to store, spending time in malls, etc.  Maybe because I am frugal. Maybe it is because I have a busy life and feel this is a waste of time.  I'm not sure.

Yes, I find myself using, Groupon and like services often.  Is it because of the convenience or the deals?  Must be.  As an Amazon Prime member, I have the ability to find what I am looking for relatively easy, get free two-day shipping, and free returns.  Additionally, with Amazon Prime, I get Prime Video and Prime Music.  I don't have to subscribe to Apple Music; Netflix and Hulu are "affordable options" but think about it.  For $109 a year (about $9 per month) Amazon meets many needs.   They also provide online storage with Amazon Photo and other services.  I wonder if they are losing money....

Online shopping.  Who ever would have thought it would come this far.  Looking for something special or unique?  Something you purchased overseas?  The gap has been closed.  We have access to pretty much anything now.  At any time!   

Obviously shopping malls and stores will always be around.  I wonder what they will look like as we move forward.  For now, supply chaining is working well - started by WalMart, perfected by corporations like Amazon and Google.  Crazy world we live in.  

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