Sunday, May 21, 2017

CUE Rockstar - History Edition

My head is spinning.  I typically dislike giving up a weekend.  I cherish my weekends - from golfing, to going to the gym, to spending time with family, or just relaxing.  Weekends are sacred time.  However, when I read that CUE was providing a professional development opportunity (their Rockstar Brand with a history focus), I could not resist.  To make it even more enticing, the event's venue was on board the aircraft carrier & museum -  USS Hornet.  
USS Hornet - Alameda, CA

Yeah, I may be "on the dark side" now as an administrator.  But my passion remains in the history classroom and this was an opportunity I did not want to miss.

From learning about best practices for active lesson planning - teaching skills rather than content - to HyperDocs and "Breaking up with Lectures," it was worth every moment.

Over 100 educators attended this event.  It speaks to the drive and desire of teachers - to learn more and incorporate new techniques into a profession that is often under-appreciated.

Helicopter on board USS Hornet
If anything, events like this spark my passion and make me want to provide richer professional development opportunities for teachers in my district.  We can make a difference - we can provide students with rich learning opportunities with and without technology. We can be the teachers that ignite the fire in our students.

Other takeaways - the podcast "Teaching Keating" - I've already consumed four episodes.  The connection to lessons in moving and teaching are incredible and providing me with some serious reflection time.... #cuerockstar #bethechange

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