Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brain Dump.... Inclusive Leadership

CUE Rockstar Admin.... Day 3.  Eric Saibel's session on Inclusive Leadership.  What does it look like?  How do we involve all stakeholders?  How often do we send that email to inform yet realize shortly after that person "x" was left off the message?

As a leader, I know one of my jobs is to continue to push for continuous improvement and help everybody realize and meet their potential.  I HATE the status quo.  I think we are doing great things, but we can push the envelope and do things others didn't think were possible.

I truly believe that an enormous piece of inclusive leadership is to continually remind myself and others that we are here for students.  Our goals should be aligned to student success and every decision we make must be aligned to these goals.

To quote Richard Diebenkorn:
"Attempt what is not certain.  Certainty may or may not come later.  It may then be a valuable delusion."
"Mistakes can't be erased but they move you from your present position."
#bethechange / #leadwild

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