Friday, September 25, 2015

Off She Goes...

Last week I dropped my daughter off at college.  She is now a Banana Slug at University of California, Santa Cruz.  We spent a lot of time last year looking at many colleges - ranging from UC Irvine to Santa Barbara, to Davis, and more.  I remember having one thought:  why can't I hit the rewind button and do this again!  We live and learn.

Many people warned me of the emotions I would feel as I left the campus.  It was weird.  Moving her items in, all I felt was excitement - darn, this is cool!  This is going to be great.  What a beautiful campus, so many opportunities.

So, after a few hours, we walked to my Ford Explorer... hopped in, drove up to the student union, hugged, said our "I love you's," and off she went.  I watched her walk towards the campus bookstore and had flashbacks in my mind of the little girl being born, taking her first breath, getting those shots.... taking her first steps (on her knees), the first days of school, dance classes, performances.  Where did the time go?  Did I tear up?  Not really.  I was overcome with excitement - I want her to capitalize on every opportunity that comes her way.  Chances to study abroad, intern in Washington DC (she is a Politics major)... do it all while you can and don't look back with regrets.

Classes started yesterday and she already sounds like a different, grown-up, confident woman.  What else could I ask for in life?

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